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Horizontal sand mill works and dispersion

Horizontal wet sanding machine is a horizontal continuous production of ultra-fine particle dispersion machine. The raw material will be pre properly stirred into a host of grinding groove, grinding tank filled with an appropriate amount of grinding media, such as glass beads via a high speed dispersion blade rotation, given sufficient kinetic energy of the grinding media, with the particles being dispersed from the impact of shear, to achieve the effect of dispersion, and then through the special separation means, will be separated from the dispersion discharged with grinding media. Because you do not need the same height as three roller operating skills, you can get a uniform and excellent quality, but also a large number of continuous production, it can improve the quality and lower costs, it can also be applied to disperse high-viscosity substances, consequent on paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries can be applied.
The purpose dispersion has the following several kinds:
First, in order to achieve a flat appearance, and the dispersion of solid particles in a liquid atomization. Increased reflectivity, gloss and improved cover ratio occurs, such as paint, ink, color paste and so on.
Second, to increase the reaction rate and uniformity of the liquid suspension of particles in the surface area increases. Such as adding particulate hardening agent in the resin, or a chemical reaction of the powder and granular material.
III. Prolong the settling time, tiny particles suspended in a liquid, the reach of the provisional suspension of the purpose, such as water hanging pesticides, increase the spread area extend the efficacy, such as banana or juice concoction, and so on.
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