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The main features of horizontal sand mill

Advanced aircraft design, closed continuous production, fine grinding and dispersion uniformity, good quality, high production efficiency. Material in a closed state production, effectively preventing the dry crust and solvent evaporation materials. Double mechanical seal, double protection, zero leakage. The new dynamic separation structure, the material is more fun, and less wearing parts
Equipped with a removable bracket outer cylinder movement, disassembly, maintenance is very convenient. Feeding pump gear pump or pneumatic diaphragm pumps, feeding easy size adjustment, reliable performance. Further horizontal sand mill without a dedicated installed base, you can always change the installation location if necessary.
Classified horizontal sand mill
Horizontal sand mill can be divided into horizontal cone sand mill and horizontal stick pins sander.
Horizontal tapered sanding machine features advanced design, closed the continuity of production, fine grinding and dispersion uniformity, good quality, high efficiency, double mechanical seal, double protection, zero leakage, a new dynamic separation mechanism, the material more fun, is widely used in paints, dyes, inks, photographic materials, pharmaceuticals and other industries.
Horizontal stick pins sander is the essence of home and abroad with the current set of models, with high efficiency, strong continuity, less pollution, automatic and reliable, the grinding chamber with high wear-resistant materials, to pressure-powered machinery piston for changing the volume of the grinding chamber, thereby regulating the quality of products, excellent selection, smooth running, widely used in high-efficiency paints, dyes, inks, photographic materials, pesticides, paper and cosmetics industries generic wet ultrafine grinding and dispersion machinery .
Horizontal sand mill structure diagram
Equipped with a multi-layer disc on horizontal sand mill cylinder body rotating spindle. When the spindle rotates, the grinding media driven rotary disc polishing slurry pressed into the cylinder, so that one of the solid material of the slurry through the refinement of qualified grinding media particle size smaller than the gap or mesh filter outflow. Barrel portion with cooling or heating devices, a lot of heat to prevent the barrel due to friction materials, grinding discs and other media, and the impact of product quality, or because of the condensation that flow into the slurry reduced the impact grinding Effectiveness . Grinding media available adequate natural sand, it can also be a particle size of 0.1 to 2 mm of artificial glass beads, sand machine at home and abroad are using zirconia beads act as grinding media, zirconia beads itself easy to clean, high hardness, than the glass beads and natural sand more wear, so the current domestic high-low sand mill using zirconia beads are used as grinding media. When the feed particle size less than 450 microns, nesting size up to 1 micron or less. This mill while refined materials, as well as the dispersion and mixing in a suitable grinding dyes, pigments, paints, pharmaceuticals and other suspensions or colloidal suspension agent.
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