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How can better extend the life of sanding machine

First, when we do not use long sand mill equipment, the device should turn off the switch, turn off the power, so that a good while saving electrical equipment;
Second, when we use the material after processing equipment, equipment should be cleaned, so that the next time convenient processing of materials also ensure that the equipment will not be blocked;
Third, when we cleaned up the equipment best in lubrication equipment, add some lubricating oil to avoid rusting spindle and cylinder;
Fourth, the sanding machine half a box of oil is best replaced and should be cleaned regularly under the tank. The filter is best cleaned once a month;
Fifth, if the thermal relay caused due to overloading of the electrical operation and parking, then we should press the thermal relay in the "reset" button, convenient successor to continue to operate;
Sixth, the use of a sand mill device is preferably once a year overhaul, exchange contacts at best half-yearly maintenance, and appropriate replacement;
Seven, regularly check the grinder easily damaged parts, such as seals, bearings, etc., and if found to have worn phenomenon should immediately replace, repair;
Eight, for sanding machine pot is best to check once a day, it is best to make a few records to touch the pot.
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