Zip Code:523840
Address:101, 1st Floor, Building A, No. 2 Factory Area, Donghai Industrial Zone, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City

We continue to join a vibrant new generation of proud
Compro more industrious old man proud of the loyalty and dedication of devotion
Whether it is in the process of early Compro market development and capital accumulation, and still the world's most advanced enterprise catch-up process in the future, we rely on the people, the most needed is talent!
We always believe:First-class talent is the basis for building first-class enterprises.
The company insists"Technology is the root, innovation is the soul, and talent is present"Business philosophy has always been the talent as the business of the enterprise development, competitiveness of the country, development of the country. The company has formed a Teachers who work, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of good corporate culture. We strive to: cause to people - for the talent to create a good platform and development space; pay and conditions - provide competitive compensation and benefits for employees; culture to people - to create a good cultural environment for the staff, the staff appreciate the company's internal affinity and cohesion.
The company is employing the principle:Ability and integrity, to Germany first.
The company's employment standards are:Physical health, thinking health, mental health, excellent business.
We offer competitive salary and benefits for the staff to improve:Employees not only enjoy the company's rapid development has brought the lifting capacity and occupation of space, but also enjoy the "five insurance" and supplemental commercial insurance; enjoy healthy, vacations, employee travel and other employee health plans; enjoy transportation, communication, food and other living allowances; enjoy equity incentive policies.
Whether it is doctors, masters and senior management, or fighting in the production, sales, research and service line, with their industrious hands, play to their wisdom, and constantly open Compro cause ordinary workers, managers, sales personnel, general research work who all have the same Compro evolving indispensable talent.
We expect more people to join Compro, more people realize their ideals in Compro!
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