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We sincerely recommend that you install the device before, first read the following, if relevant content can not meet your needs, please contact Compro service center, contact: 0768-83281806, we will soon provide you with more services.
The new machine before starting preparation:
Connected to the mains (380V three-phase line, start the host button switches, detection of the main motor and the pump of the steering. As the spindle in the wrong direction (counterclockwise direction should be, see belt cover rear rotational direction ID), the power cord swapping connected, the steering is correct.

  1. Connected to the cooling water, pay attention to the direction of inlet and outlet (the next entry on out), check whether the water flow out of the outlet. SimultaneouslyPay attention to check whether the mechanical seal cooling water piping by solvent
  2. Packing beads: Open any oil pressure gauge, the desired bead funnel was added (70% filling volume, size 0.1 ~ 3.0mm) one by one to join the grinding tank, in case of beads stream does not go in, you can make instant motor running (Jog host button) as a feed port plug soft tube inserted into the inlet blowing through, the beads can be successfully fill the bucket。
  3. Will be out feeding tube connected, via a pump with a little cleaning solvent inside the host.

Operation sequence:
Because this machine is an aqueous solvent cooled mechanical seal, before turning Please confirmFirst open solvent valveThen open the cooling water, Then hosts the power button until the electromagnetic switch to skip the second stage, while the indicator lights up, after the main motor is running smoothly, and then press the power button to start the pump. At this point the pump start feeding. You should adjust the air filter valve handle to adjust the air pressure so that the pump pumps the feed rate to the appropriate location, keeping in mind the scale of the pressure gauge and thermometer (pressure gauge not to exceed 1kg / cm is limited, depending on the temperature of the raw material temperature the case may be), in case pressure is too high or the temperature rapidly on a long case, the pump speed should be reduced to a pressure, temperature is reduced to an appropriate index.
Abrasive slurry completely finished, with a little solvent tank by pumping will grind the remaining paint wash out, then close the pump, and finally shut down the host.

Mechanical disassembly and maintenance procedures
Host assembled after disassembly and cleaning is relatively simple, as long as the basis of the maintenance procedures, even untrained personnel can easily maintenance.
General maintenance, cleaning up or removing hosts, only in the following cases only necessary.
1. The separation device (Separation Device) need to be replaced when worn.
2. After prolonged use, check the internal wear.
3.Before and after the batch of products can not be mixed or completely remove the grinding media.
The above situation, in general, there are certain period of time, to follow the use of the recording of the reference work on the operating hour meter box, as the basis of maintenance.


General Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Check item

the reason



Beads ran out


one、Removing the grinding barrel checking whether the GAP run away.
two、View beads time
three、Check the separate sheet for wear
four、Check whether the dispersion blade installed backwards

Spindle will move back and forth

When replacing the beads undecided

Separation pad wear serious.

Replace when disassembling direction upside down.

Readjust GAP.

Replaced with new glass beads.

Plane to be re-grinding.

Replace according to the original direction.


Belt has burnt taste

  1. Check the belt tension.
  2. Check pulley parallelism.
  3. Check whether the load is too heavy ammeter.

Natural loose for some time.

Fixing screws loose pulley shift.
Material viscosity is too high or too pumped feed.


Readjust the parallelism and locking fastening screws.
Reduce viscosity and pump speed.


Spindle deadlock
Motor has different sound.

Check whether the motor can turn.

  1. Too many motor driven grinding tank materials can not.


  1. Stop too long.
  1. Diarrhea beads spilled from the valve a little bead out, and then start the motor so that it can rotate.
  2. Removing the clean-up.



Host can not start.

First, check for loose buttons open, control lines without loss.
Second, check whether the electromagnetic switch fault damage.

Screw loose.


Poor contact.



Removing repair or replace the product.


Raw material overflow from the bottom of the bearing housing.

First, check out the feed tube O-ring if there is broken.
Second, determine the bearing wear.


Not installed during installation.

Prolonged use, normal wear.
Axis envelope wear.

Replace the O-ring.

Replace the seal.
Surface re-grinding.




General Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Check item

the reason



Bearing housings have different sound

Seal leakage paint wear.

Raw materials went inside the bearing housing, the bearing lubrication failure.

Replaced with new bearings.


Pumping pumping it up.

First, the feeding tube is a lock.
Second, whether the vacuum pump.
Third, the feeding tube blockages.
Fourth, the gasket is damaged.

Pipe joints loose.
No material inside the pump.
Clogged plastic.
Prolonged use wear and tear, internal gap is too large.

The joint lock.
Solvent filling inside.
Dredge with iron bars. Replacement of new products.


Pump jammed

First, check the Thermal & nbsp; Relay whether the jump.
Second, open the lid to check the gear pump whether the foreign body is stuck or have burrs.
Third, check the gearbox or transmission faults.

Motor load is too large.

A foreign object in which doping material.

Gearbox oil or not enough.

After the motor cooling Thermal Relay press return.
The inner gear debris removal.




Grinding fineness not enough

Products can not meet the requirements of fineness.

  1. The hardness of the raw material itself is too high, can not be dispersed.
  2. Beads enough.
  3. Broken beads or foreign material doped inside.

Good selection of quality raw materials.
Appropriate to add beads.
Replacing all the beads.


Beads intrusion

Have pump stuck.

A, the internal pressure is greater than the outside pressure, the pump is stationary and the host running too long.
B, check valve failure.

Clear beads inside the pump.


Cleaning non-return valve.



Mechanical seal cooling water discoloration

Mechanical seal any abnormal sound

Mechanical seal wear, resulting in material leak

Replacing the mechanical seal



The company produced the horizontal sand mill are equipped with the US "Ingersoll Rand"AROPneumatic diaphragm pumps, please read the installation instructions and operating instructions carefully.

  1. installation :
  2. Pump compressed air inlet end of the air filter must be installed, the regulator FRL role is to regulate the pressure of compressed air into the pump and filter out debris pipe compressed air and water. In order to ensure clean and stable gas supply to the diaphragm to work properly. ARO diaphragm pump is self-lubricating structure, without adding oil in compressed air, please note!
  3. Import and export and import pump compressed air valve should be installed, easy operation and maintenance.
  4. damping :
  5. Since the shock pump at work will produce. Therefore, in the inlet and outlet side of the pump must be installed flexible connection, such as a flexible rubber connections and bellows connections. Reduce the overall piping vibration, protect the pump is working properly.
  6. When installing diaphragm four foot bolts, parts to be contact with the ground pad and a rubber damping pads.
  7. For material transport belonging flammable, it must identify the pump grounding screw connection with a metal wire, and the other end is grounded. So as not to generate static electricity.
  8. Silencer must be reliably connected to the thread in the exhaust port.

All piping and flexible connections must bear & gt; 8.3bar pressure.

  1. Compressed air pressure should not exceed the maximum air pressure type plate of the subject.
  2. When turned on, open the air valve, slowly adjust the regulator handle. Big clockwise and counterclockwise small, adjust the working pressure in an appropriate range, the end of the work, it must cut off the air, close the inlet valve.
  3. Each week air filters regularly turn on the water every three to six months to clean the filter regularly, depending on the length of time the user diaphragm may be, without using compressed air inside the lubricator filled with oil. (That only need to install the air filter FR.L instead FRL)
  4. Do not let the diaphragm to do long-term air operation, to prevent unnecessary damage to the pump.
  5. When the diaphragm pump after long working hours, the muffler will be ice surface, which is a normal phenomenon. When the ice is too thick, it must be removed, with hot melt and then installed. If you work inside the muffler material leaking pump must be stopped immediately to check.
  6. It would produce a certain shock when the diaphragm work. Must be regularly checked, tighten the bolts tight all parts of the pump.
  7. Demolition should close the inlet diaphragm, a gate valve, and the compressed air valve.
  8. There are two sets of maintenance diaphragm assembly (1) Motor Service Pack (2) fluid service pack.
  9. Common Faults and exclusion
(1) ventilation pump does not work
Fault: import and export pipeline blockage
Solution: Check that the pump inlet pipe valve is normally open to all. Have import and export pipeline clogged, if clear.
(2) the pump flow rate decreases
Fault: Pump after a period of time, within the gas motor seal wear, reduce efficiency, damage to the seal between the valve and seat. Efficiency is lowered.
Solution: Replace the motor service pack, and re-adding a lubricant service pack. Replace ball and seat.
(3) the pump exhaust port (and silencer) in the discharge of materials
Fault: diaphragm rupture
Solution: Replace the diaphragm, and re-clean-air motor, to prevent the material into the gas motor.
(4) If more pump failure problems, please contact our professional maintenance staff.

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