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Warranty provisions
First, the "Warranty" Description
Thank you for choosing Compro Brand Lab grinding, disc sander, sanding machine nanorods pin, turbine sander, to make your purchase of the product to achieve the desired effect, while fully enjoy due equity, we want to use the device before you, read the following.
(1) read the "User's Guide";
(2) Do the host device and accessories for any changes, or peril;
(3) the product of "warranty" service, "warranty" service projects and years of service rules, see;
(4) exceeds the "warranty" period, the company will be based on the user responsible attitude to charge only the cost of parts and labor at no additional cost;
Second, the "warranty" Service Details
Within the validity period includes the whole, the main components of quality assurance of quality assurance, wearing parts and other components.
1, the whole warranty
Machine "warranty" period of one year.
Machine warranty is valid calculation: start to be issued from the sellers invoice date of purchase. (Date of the receiving machine in accordance with customers who buy the machine for a long time not to be installed within 13 months of the warranty period, the customer to buy the machine within 30 days of installation, the date of the end of the installation according to the calculation)
The company implemented the "warranty" (repair, replacement, return) to the user the following services:
(1) is indeed due to damage to manufacturing quality, responsible for the free warranty;
(2) can not be repaired due to manufacturing quality, responsible for replacement;
(3) can not be used due to manufacturing quality, responsible for refunding;Date
(4) of the safety performance of products sold failures or performance failure within 15 days, the Company will in accordance with the requirements of the user responsible for replacement or repair;
Following cases involved partial free warranty does not assume responsibility for:
(1) due to failure to use instructions require the proper use and maintenance of damage;
(2) may not be modified using the express instructions, disassembly, and make alterations, demolition alter or cause damage to the machine performance;
(3) After the failure of the user to dispose of improper reason can not make a technical appraisal of the fault;
(4) non-product quality due to causes other man-made damage;
(5) damage caused by force majeure.
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