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Sander Shopping tips

1. Grinding of the barrel material: sander this industry, there are many manufacturers grind barrel are mostly used in stainless steel, the stainless steel material is also divided among many, we need to confirm the owners themselves.
2. grind bucket rotor material: In terms of the process above sander mainly two types, one is the disc of the grinding disc, the second is stick pins grinding drums and stick pins in the rotor. Stick pins than the disc sanding machine sanding machine grinding effect is obviously a lot.
3. Material and grinding meson (zirconium beads) separation device: When horizontal sand mill and grinding media inside the material separation is used mainly interval separating device, the interval separating device is mainly composed of the stationary ring and the ring of two parts .
The cooling effect of the mechanical seal and equipment: mechanical seal leaks, how many hours of service life. The key is to look at the mechanical seal circulating liquid abrasive material used is miscible solvent or water, to avoid accidental contamination of the product for the product in production, bring unnecessary economic losses.
5. Production efficiency: the structural design is reasonable, it determines the production efficiency and product quality.
6. The operational aspects: the main control part of the machine is very concentrated, easy to operate.
7. The color change, cleaning, and replacement of zirconium beads convenience: major understand whether the grinding chamber without dead design, how self-cleaning effect.
8. Security protection function: machine electrical materials selection, quality and safety.
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