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Sanding machine maintenance

Sanding machine use and maintenance:
First, the test
1, the preparatory work before the test.
2, check each component is firmly installed.
3, the direction of rotation of each machine should be running direction of the arrow (should jog test direction).
4. Check the cooling water is smooth.
5, belt alignment suitable restart, after working 50 hours, and then transferred positive again.
6, from the top of the cylinder grinding media added.
7, first start feed pump, after the top of the screen to the input material to be discharged before starting the host.
8, after a long time stop, when restarting, often due to the material in the settling of solid particles and the grinding media and the "card" tight dispersion, in particular a viscous material at low temperatures, "brake" phenomenon is particularly serious. In this case, move the motor can not start, the application of hand spindle pulley "CART" supplemented to enter a small amount of the material is the ability of a solvent to dissolve, the material was dissolved in dilute loose before starting. In short, can not be forced to start, in order to avoid damage to the appliance and body.
9, parking a long time, you should clean up the dry material of the screen.
10, wash dispenser, only slightly, intermittently rotated, because the dispersion and grinding media in the cleaning solution running quickly wear easily broken.
11, using a new grinding media should be sieved to remove impurities fragments and other foreign matter.
Second, the failure
1, the feed pump does not start or stop the work from: A: Power is turned on; B: the fuse is blown.
2, the host can not start or work in stop motion: A: the fuse is blown; B: feed pump is feeding; C: belt if too loose; D: whether dispersion is stuck. 1, the preparatory work before the test.
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