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Sander design principles

Sander, eccentric disk polishing structure, according to a certain order, the system overcomes the traditional media mill uneven distribution of shortcomings, the grinding media can get the maximum energy transfer, high grinding efficiency, the use of double-face tape mandatory cooled mechanical seal, good sealing effect, reliable operation using a large flow separation system LDC dynamic gate slotted separator does not occur at high flow conditions spout blockage, overcurrent area, the gap range 0.05-2.0mm, can Use 0.1mm above the grinding media.
NHE Horizontal Disk eccentric disc sander grinding chamber enclosed design, grinding disc mounted on the agitator shaft in a certain order, to overcome the traditional horizontal sand mill grinding media are unevenly distributed, the disadvantage of poor particle size distribution after grinding, materials into the grinding chamber under the feed pump action, the entrance is designed to be connected to the flange at one end of the drive, the flow of material and mechanical bearings to counter the bottom side, greatly reducing the mechanical seal under pressure, prolong its life, in eccentric disk agitator shaft speed operation, the mixture of the grinding media and material efficient relative movement occurs, as a result, the material is effectively dispersed solid particles, shear milling, high flow through the rotor gap after the dynamic filter separator to obtain a final product. Depending on the product the grinding process, the grinding cycle can be independent batch series grinding process.
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