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Sander trends

(1) progress with grinding media separation system for product fineness requirements continue to increase, the use of smaller and smaller size of the grinding media. The separation of the small size of the grinding media is one of the most difficult challenges sander developed to solve.
Traditional sanding machine slit ring (small flow area) and static screen is difficult to separate the small media separation! So more and more use of dynamic centrifugal separation system. Centrifugal separation rotor drive media generated by the rotation of the rotor around the media being left outside, while the main rotor hub is a slurry, and the separating screen arranged in the center of the rotor, is expected to be able to smoothly flow out through the screen gap, will not clogging and wear. So the principle of dry air classifier separating medium for sanding machine sanding machine technology leap in the history!
(2) high energy density pin rod sander
In the past period of time, several major domestic and foreign manufacturers of one-sided that the sander; to improve the product fineness (particle size reduction), the need to improve the energy density of a sand mill! That there were many complex pin rod sander,
A: sander structure 1 in the rotor and stator densely arranged a lot of hard metal pin rods. Material from the upper entry, after another curved / touch discharged from the bottom after the collision hit "N" word line. Medium for a pin, rotor and stator wear very serious, the material often subject to metal contamination. And only using expensive zirconia grinding media.
B: sander structure -1 -2, and basically the same structure, but in order to solve the heat problem, the rotor and provided with a cooling jacket.
C: sanding machine on the rotor arranged only a pin, while half of the stator and rotor arranged cooling jacket. A pin to the inner surface of the stator opposite wear very powerful, metal contaminated materials is inevitable!
(3) Horizontal centrifugal sand mill deep high energy density outer grinding zone
After years of going astray artificially complicate sanding machine design, the people finally back to nature! Discover the true grinding materials appear only in the grinding area having a certain energy density, and low-energy area is just heat it (playing lively only). High energy density region can only occur in the outer region of the maximum linear velocity.
A: sand mill feed from the outside of the stator radially outer grinding zone through the material discharge side by axially separating screen dynamic media.
B: sand grinder material through the hollow shaft into the rotor reaches the outer side surface of the annular grinding zone, the drum device (the stator) and the inner rotor rotating at different speeds. Medium twin rotor structure separating screen (fixed in the drum) become a real rotary dynamic separator, complex structure of concentricity error of each rotating body demanding.
C: sanding machine materials from the axial center to join, to reach the outer grinding region, the material after grinding through the outer mesh ring discharged. Ceramic grinding track is separated from the ring. Although the filtration area is increased, but the separation ring wear serious, powerful and easy to plug.
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