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Nano sander what issues should pay attention to maintenance

As the nano-sand mill also makes extensive use of nano-sand mill repairs become a regular job, long life relatively higher quality of vertical sanding machine, but in the maintenance work, if not well Maintenance will have a direct impact on the life and operating efficiency of nano-sand mill.
To avoid Nano sander may be abnormal in the work process, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, in addition to the requirements of daily maintenance, but also regular stop grinding, hollow shaft, main bearings, cylinder and gear reducer and the size and other important section do careful examination. Then the development of relevant repair plan. Here and tell you about the daily inspection from what.
Nano sander all lubricants can only operate up to a month in Nano sand mill would release all of the machine and lubricating be thoroughly cleaned and get new replacement once the new oil. You can also change the oil after once needed six months. Height lubrication and oil lubrication points each should regularly check at least once every two hours to check. Mill in operation, the main bearing lubricating oil temperature to exceed 58 ℃. The temperature transmission bearings and gear unit can not be higher than 58 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 70 ℃.
Large and drive pinion to be very smooth, and no abnormal noise. Also timely adjust the gap. Nano sander is very smooth in operation, it will not have a strong vibration. Motor current will not produce abnormal fluctuations. Each connecting the outer to not loose fasteners, bonding surface outside no oil spills, leaks and no Loumo phenomenon. To promptly added ball easy to wear.
If found to have abnormal immediately stop grinding inspection and maintenance. To replace timely mill liner wear rate was 80% or have 90mm long cracks.
That is also produced to replace the main bearing serious frayed. When the nano-lattice type sand mill grate plate subject to wear, if not then welding should be replaced immediately.
If the large gear side by a certain need not hurry to replace worn, it can continue to be used upside down. All wear parts can not be used as long as there will be updated in order to continue to use.
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