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Usage and principles of horizontal sand mill grinding media

The amount of nano-sand mill grinding media with ink viscosity, grinding the ink temperature, thus determining the amount of the grinding media is necessary to consider these factors. The general principle is the viscosity of the ink is large, the amount of grinding media should be less, viscosity hour is the amount of grinding media can be a little more.
Clearly, the selection of the optimum amount of grinding media and ink viscosity is through experiment or experimentally determined to produce, but as a starting point for experimentation often able to set the volume of the grinding media used in an amount of 50% in the volume of the cylinder. About vertical sanding machine, grinding media usage can be so great that the media stack in the cylinder body outer reach just below the top layer of the impeller slightly lower local, this will enable an increase of the grinding media space. But it is necessary to consider together the pumping speed of the ink, since the ink material into the cylinder is faster, turning the medium will be higher, the above media space set aside so that a little more, that amount should be appropriate grinding media a little less.
About Nano horizontal sand mill, grinding media usage can be simplified volume of 80% from the beginning, then maybe the temperature of the cooling water temperature of the material according to the material to increase or decrease the amount of grinding media, generally speaking, when the temperature exceeds the agreed scope, it should reduce the amount of grinding media, when the temperature is lower than promised range, before adding the spindle speed, you can give priority to add grinding media consumption. General ink outlet temperature in the range of 50 ~ 70 ℃ is able promised. The amount of conditioning medium can be measured by this scale, on some poor stability should pay attention to control the ink.
In addition, no matter what is the use of a sander, sanding machine into the ink it is necessary through good pre-dispersed, so that competence to carry forward the work efficiency sand mill. Because the milling media broken pigment aggregates (or pigment particles) shear force is inversely proportional to the size of a room with medium size pigment aggregates, namely pigment aggregates smaller, the shearing force between they suffered media, grinding and dispersion of the best.
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