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Sanding machine maintenance knowledge

First, the operation of the operation
1, makeready
1) Open the cooling water;
2) for rotating the spindle with the initiative should easily without exception;
3) Turn splice tube.
2, boot
1) Turn on the power switch, press the start button to start the pump, the pump speed adjusted to 400 to 1,000 rev / min, and other slurry into the sand bucket and then turn off the pump, press the start button to start the host will host the pump transferred to a 250 rotational speed 150 r / min.
2) to take stock of experience fineness, depending on the fineness of the case and then adjust the pump speed.
3) pay attention to the thermometer pulp slurry temperature is generally not exceed 60
4) Note sanding machine operation at any time and, if abnormal, should be immediately shut down, looking for service personnel.
3. Stop
1) After the slurry stream, take small amount of solvent feed tube, sanding drum loop pumping clean feed tube to prevent clogging. Pressing the stop button to stop the pump host.
2) clean the filter cover with a little solvent.
3) Close the cooling water.
4) cleaning slurry barrel.
5) If the downtime, machine lubrication should be filled with oil, the machine cleaned.
Second, note
1. Always check sander sanding cylinder glass beads wear, such as badly worn must replace the glass beads to meet the specifications.
2, do not open the cooling water, non-boot.
3, sanding tube without pulp, non-boot. It is forbidden to open the host, after opening the pump.
5, prohibited foreign body (metal) into the sanding machine, to avoid damaging the parts.
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