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Sander Handling Precautions

Sander Handling Precautions
① Long-stay parking, power should be preceded by checking whether the dead scattered disk media card. If the coupling will not turn, it can pump into the solvent. To be dissolved after the start. Must not be forced to start in order to avoid damage to the friction plate.
② long-stay parking, check before starting the top of the screen if there is crust millbase, if so, apply the solvent to clean, to avoid clogging the storm caused roof collapse.
③ Once the "roof collapse" when should immediately stop cleaning the screen, then put the pulp basin, pump speed adjustment for restart. Otherwise millbase might invade spindle bearings caused by bearing wear, or damage to the feed pump.
④ no paint in the cylinder body and grinding non-starting medium.
When ⑤ solvent cleaning cartridge can only be slightly disperser intermittently rotated, so as to avoid component wear.
⑥ when using new sand, foreign objects should sieved to remove impurities. Sander sand should be cleaned regularly screened and add new sand.
⑦ observation windows should be kept intact, to prevent the collapse of sand in a sand mill work injury accident
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