Compro --CPG three eccentric disc sander Horizontal
More efficient, more wearable, particle size distribution and better
For the production should be widely dispersed abrasive high-grade paint and high-tech products and pulp products, Compro CPG horizontal triple eccentric disc sander, always with the best advantage; representatives of the existing disc sanding Compro further enhance the machine technology.
  Stable, efficient and wear, fineness, it has been a prominent feature Compro CPG triple eccentric disc. In particular, to improve the color of the paint finish aspect, Compro CPG series sander has shown the best results; requirements for pollution-free product solutions, select and configure a variety of materials to meet the customer's equipment cleaner production the highest requirements.
 For grinding heat sensitive materials, Compro CPG series sanding machine, using advanced technology to improve the material in question milling temperature was further optimized to achieve good temperature effect, to further improve product performance and use convenience.
Enhance the horizontal sand mill continuous improvement and technology, the Compuware triple eccentric disc sander horizontal integration of the latest technology, in terms of yield, durability, fineness, ease of operation and have a different degree of automation exceptional performance and performance.
product description
Disc sander in the fine chemical industry is widely used. Compro disc sander suitable dispersion milling high-grade paint, ink, water-based paint and other areas, the specific performance of high efficiency, especially high purity polishing paint, colorless contamination, uniform particle size distribution, wear parts use imported steel material, greatly increase the service life, you save costs, improve product size, improve product purity and the best equipment to increase productivity; high energy mixer and bucket structure, giving the grinding media high shear strength, Dynamic separation system to ensure the smooth discharge, the best choice for high efficiency suitable for continuous production.
Features Benefits
Important features:
Grind fineness to 25-2um
High energy mixer and input density
Grinding media in the range of 0.6-2.0mm
Easy to operate, safe
Strong cooling, for heat-sensitive materials
Suitable for various types of grinding media
CPD series sanding machine is the best input power
Core cavity design, you save energy
A full range of automatic control systems
Parameter display is more accurate
Wear parts (wear-resistant steel, polyurethane, zirconia, silicon carbide)
Ring gap separation system
Feed pump in the form of pneumatic diaphragm or gear pump
Configuration parameters
structure type

Horizontal large flow three eccentric disc sander


750 kg 

Types of Horizontal Main motor power

18.5 kW 

Production capacity

50-180 kg/h 



Applicable materials

Aqueous, solvent-based liquid dispersion grinding slurry




1300*900*1700 mm

Feeding capacity



Dispersion milling automotive coatings, furniture paint, wood, coil coatings, UV coatings, paint, coatings, inks, pesticides and other liquid slurry

Grinding media particle size


Applicable materials


Plastic paint 

Automotive Coatings

Marine Coatings

Non-stick coating

Coil Coatings  


Green latex paint

Environmentally friendly

Stealth aircraft paint

Ceramic coating

Printing Inks

Packaging Inks

Tobacco Packaging Ink 

Board ink

Paper ink

Universal colorants 


 Pesticide formulations

Pesticide suspension

Pesticides and fertilizers


Titanium Dioxide

Material part
Choose different materials
Particularly high demand for quality products, high wear-resistant grinding component selection and use, determines the performance of the product, Compro CPG eccentric disk sander using the best wear parts for your application tremendous help .
Alternatively the metal, silicon nitride, zirconia, PU, polymer materials
Customer case / application site



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