CNB-T60L efficient stick pins Nano sander Compro turbo stick pins sanding machine, is applied in the field of nano-materials, battery materials, ultra-fine aluminum oxide, zirconium silicate, ceramic color glaze, pharmaceutical intermediates, scientific research, production-oriented and efficient grinding machine, polished product particle size distribution, the minimum can be achieved D50 = 50nm. Turbo stick pins sanding machine, the product through the rod of the rotor at high speed, the smooth discharge of the material from the grinding chamber accelerators. The unique design of the grinding beads and the slurry is formed in the cylinder rotation number of ion flow, thus ensuring gathered a tremendous energy in a short time, suitable for high-volume work nanomaterials.
Product description
Compro loop stick pin sander is ideal for grinding large number of nanomaterials, represents the most advanced nano-grinding technology, suitable for battery materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, ceramic inkjet, color glaze ceramics, nano-aluminum nitride ultrafine dispersion milling aluminum, silicon carbide, zirconium silicate, nano zirconia, pesticides and other high performance inorganic material; 0.1mm designed to be able to use the grinding media, grinding pin homogeneous rod system, is superior to other milling equipment nanoparticles get the most effective economic methods. By pre-dispersed material into the grinding cylinder barrel, large flow area of the separator, to ensure high efficiency; the strong cooling and temperature control, the result is more accurate.
Features Benefits
Grinding get within range of 50nm
Smaller grinding chamber and a strong input power, is also a very small diameter grinding media to obtain high strength of the movement, the shear. The average particle size is often less than 50nm.
Use 0.1-0.8mm grinding media
Improved design of stick pin system so small zirconium beads can be high speed, centrifugal separation system, the use of smaller zirconium beads while maintaining the material smooth, high traffic. 
Continuous circulation grinding chamber
Straight-type density chamber grinding chamber created, depending on the distance selected mode, the stator and the barrel, in the range of 7.5 to 13 mm, the rotor movement radial movement of the media holding, the product of the shear force is increasing, cylinder forming a continuous loop, within a short time so that the particle size to meet the requirements. 
Geometric-shaped design of the grinding chamber, and to ensure uniform particle distribution. 
Used in high purity, non-polluting materials
Requirements for non-polluting materials, grinding rod pin can be used zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide material; grinding barrel can use silicon carbide, polyurethane material, the use of a special ceramic material feeder.
Configuration parameters
structure type

Stick pins Nano sander 


1950 kg 

Types of


Main motor power

65 kW 

Production capacity

15-300 kg/h 

Applicable materials

Water-based, solvent-based nano-dispersion slurry polishing 




1830*850*1780 m 

Feeding capacity 2-8 L/min 

Mass production of nano-materials, battery materials, inkjet ink, ceramic color glaze, nano alumina, nano-zirconia, pharmaceuticals, coatings and inks and other materials

Applicable materials
Automotive Coatings
Digital Printing Ink
Printing Inks
Ceramic coating
Stealth aircraft paint
Piezoelectric Ceramics
Ceramic Capacitors
High purity alumina
Ceramic pigment
Lithium cathode material
Carbon Nanotubes
Silicon-carbon anode
LCD Monitor
Nano-titanium dioxide
Silicon Nitride Nano
Pesticide suspension
Cell disruption
Food Industry
Ceramic inkjet ink
Chemical materials
Material part
Compro CNB-25L nanorods pin sand mill is one of the most extensive abrasive structural applications. For ultra fine powder has obvious advantages, the highlight of the particle size distribution and productivity. For the processing of nanomaterials, grinding bodies inside the material can select different materials. Alternatively silicon nitride, silicon carbide, zirconia, tungsten carbide materials, polyurethane materials.
grinding data
Nano pigment ink particle size after grinding
Lithium iron phosphate material
Nano particle size after grinding paste
After the zirconium oxide abrasive particles
CNB electronic grade barium titanate nanorods pin sander after fully ground electron microscope Figure
The original particle image before detection
60 minutes Results
Finished particle Figure
Customer case / application site
Battery material, lithium iron phosphate production site diameter D50 = 300 D90 = 800nm
Customer Workshop
Ceramic membrane production site diameter D50 = 500nm
Nano-colorants particle diameter D50 = 350nm production site
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