Laboratory nanorods pin sander
CNB-T1L is the ideal tool for the product experiment, development and quality control. Dispersion process, the product is fed into the grinding chamber closed, high speed stirring stick a pin through the blender to form a circular grinding, dispersion, the integrated pump discharge pressure system successfully grinding chamber
Product introduction
CNB - T1L is for product experiment, the ideal of development and quality control tools, small amount of product testing can be performed at the same time; Dispersing process, the product was sent into closed grinding cavity, via the pin mixer to stir bar, the formation of circular grinding, dispersion, by pump pressure discharge grinding cavity smoothly.
Test research school
Nano material sample development
Ceramic materials, battery materials, digital inkjet, high-performance coatings, pharmaceutical and other fields of research and testing

Characteristic advantage
Important features:
Rapid and cost-effective new models, because the dispersed precision repeatability.
Fast and reliable experiment is transferred to the development of production, because the quantitative knowledge of mechanical power input
Production quality control and assurance
Grinding chamber system (stainless steel mill, steel nitride grinding rotor) options: hard metal, ceramic, zirconia, silicon carbide (SiSiC)
Abrasive mesh clearance separation using special ceramic materials.
Double mechanical seal way, build into easy to install and system integration, pressure and cooling lubricants
Minimize the blind Angle
Abrasive materials a small amount of dispersion is likely due to the almost complete product recycling
Very abrasive production
Due to the excellent cooling water temperature control system, has a very large surface area
Configuration parameters
Structure form Pin type nano sanding machine The weight of the 180 kg
type Laboratory horizontal Main motor power 3.7 kW 
Production capacity 0.5-10 kg/h  brand KANGBO
For the material Water, the solvent liquid pulp grinding model CNB-T1L 
Overall dimensions 520*460*620 mm Feeding capacity 400-1000 g/min 
Application field All kinds of nanometer materials lab testing, formulation development, scientific research, such as small sample test    
For the material

Nano waterborne paint

Digital Printing Ink
Ceramic pigment
High purity alumina
Ceramic Capacitors
Piezoelectric Ceramics
Lithium cathode material
Carbon Nanotubes
Ceramic diaphragm
Nano-titanium dioxide
LCD Monitor

Silicon Nitride Nano


Pesticide suspension

Cell disruption






French chalk

Pearl powder

Zinc white powder

Barium sulfate

Material components
Grinding data
Nano ITO coating
Nanometer titanium dioxide
Cerium oxide
Customer case/application field

Alumina production field

Nano pigment production field

A scientific research units to use the site

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