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Features Nano sander on a comprehensive introduction

Nano sander is the material most widely adaptable, the most advanced, highest power sander equipment Machinery Branch Kay noted the introduction of Germany advanced grinding technology, enabling continuous processing continuous material discharge, greatly improving the production power .
Nano sander is the use of a pre-feed pump through the mixer after moistening treatment lax solid - liquid mixed materials enter the cylinder body, the cylinder body material and grinding media along with high-speed rotation of lax agitation, and then the material of the solid particles and the grinding media occurs more strongly with each other collision, friction, shearing, aim to speed up the arrival of ground particles and lax aggregates. After polishing materials lax control through dynamic parting parting grinding media, the outflow from the discharge pipe. Horizontal sander particularly suitable for grinding high viscosity lax requirements for fine granularity goods.
Lax principle: the main motor shaft through V-belt slack move as fast moving stocks, shares of lax lax disc shaft move grinding media movement friction and shear forces so that the material to be milled and lax. As a result of the mechanical seal device so as to reach the full-closed, and then eliminating the solvent evaporation loss of production, reduce environmental pollution. On the other hand, by avoiding the dry skin material in the production process of consolidation may be composed of air into the working cylinder, is avoided.
Features: All grinding chamber hive - grinding cylinders, lax plate, bush, gland, front and rear cover closure plate, sieve rings and all the material for the yttria-stabilized zirconia (YZr), with high wear resistance, stability is very good pollution. Abrasive disk has a high line speed (maximum reaching 26 meters per second), the minimum configuration of the grinding beads (minimum considered 0.2mm), the grinding efficiency coefficient, so that the fineness of goods Dana Mi (up to 50 nm ). Using sieve ring parting effect, so that the material and grinding media parting occurred in the end of the tube, after the material.
Nano sanding machine for grinding various viscosity lax commodities and nanoscale materials. Mainly used for: nano materials, paints and printing inks, high-quality automobile paint, pigments and dyes, pesticides, paper, nano-grinding, pharmaceutical and other industries, usually working fineness can reach 100 nanometers or less.
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